Payment Info

please note we accept any VISA, Master credit card, cheque card, debit cards, Instant EFT, or Store Cards or major bank apps, Snap scan,  Zapper.

here is the followings store cards that we accept.

  • RCS Store Card

  • Game Mystore Card

  • Makro Credit

  • Builders Store Credit

  • Cape Union Mart Group Card

  • Keedo Store Card

  • Old Khaki Store Card

  • Poetry Store Card

  • Tread+Miller Store Card

  • VIP Store Card

  • CTM Store Card

  • Contempo Store Card

  • Supa Quick Store Card

  • Edgars Store Card

  • Jet Store Card

How do I make an online payment with a store card?

To make an online payment with a store card, do the following:


  1. Select the Store Card payment method at checkout.
  2. Enter your store card number. You can find out which RCS store cards are accepted here
  3. You’ll receive an OTP via the mobile number that’s linked to your card.
  4. Enter that OTP to confirm the payment. 


if you wish to do an instant EFT, please select the credit card payment, then you can select the option of instant EFT instead of paying credit card/cheque card

We use the safe payment gateway to do the transactions -


If you want to do direct bank deposit or EFT without going through the transactions,

Here is the sam star shoes bank detail

FNB cheque account  624 325 75564

Sam star shoes Killarney branch


Pls your full name as reference and send back to proof of payment to or whatsapp 0614121342 ( cell no)

Thank you

 for online payment here is the instruction:


at the check out section, press CHECK OUT ,  it will direct you to select payment method: credit card or paypal

Select credit card even you want to do an EFT or pay by cheque card or debit card  (see below)

When you select credit card or cheque card, here is the page it will show , just enter your card number or necessary information then press PAY button, then its completed


If you’d like to pay by instant EFT , choose from the tab on top,  click your banking icon below , it will direct you to banking page, see below



For example: if its FNB internet banking, click continue

Next page, it will have show this page, then follow the instruction it will complete the transaction , then its completed



Ps please do not to direct transfer ,EFT into payfast account, without completed the order, as the system wont pick up on the order no with your amount.

 for more information please go to