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It’s undeniable any woman will tell you when she slips on a pair of beautiful shoes, she feels irresistible. Whether they’re heels, wedges, leather or lace, we desire them! According to Sam Lin, designer and owner of Sam Star, “Shoes are the final item that complete a look. They’re statement makers, an extension of our personality and sexuality.”

Sam Star* Shoes is a range of exclusive ladies leather shoes. We offer limited edition, unique high fashion and stylish shoes for ladies who want to have an added edge.

There are 50-100 pairs available per style per colour.

These shoes are for shoe lovers, shoe collectors, and shoe enthusiasts alike.

Sam Star* Shoes aims to empower women by making them feel good, simply by putting on a pair of shoes that makes you feel great and confident. We want you to feel like a STAR.    

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My name is Sam Star and I’m the designer and owner of Sam Star Shoes Company. I was born to be in the fashion industry. Since I was a little girl, I used to change my outfit 3 times a day and insist to wear pretty shoes with my pretty socks. When I grew up, I worked in fashion industry. I believe that a pair of shoes can change a woman’s outfit and how she feels that day. From a pair of stiletto, sandal to a pair of boots can change how woman dress and how confident she feels.

I have been in the fashion industry for almost 20 years. I worked in Harrods and Joseph in London while I studied. I have worked with Truworths, Woolworth and Levis and PUMA in South Africa. I also work as product manager for Carducci ladies footwear that is where I learnt some technical knowledge and production of footwear with Carducci brand. I worked alongside with well know fashion designer David Tale.

 In 2010, I found myself jobless one day and decided to gather my knowledge and experience in fashion with my gut’s feeling and passion in shoes. Then in 2010, I started my own brand – Sam star shoes.

I designed the shoes in South Africa and put all my heart and soul in design and starting my business. I have been featured many times in some fashion magazines, from ELLE, Marie Claire, Cosmo, True Love, Grazia , Oprah magazine to newspaper of City Press and Entrepreneur magazine and many others for past  8 years.

I have been featured as one of the hot young entrepreneur in Entrepreneur magazine 2014 Jan issue, I hope to carry on my dream and be inspired by amazing woman out there also hope to inspires other young entrepreneur to have courage to go after their dreams and be your own Star. 

Our company mission statement  is “ To make woman feel wonderful and powerful and be star of your own”

No matter where you come from, who you are, you are unique and wonderful, this is core essence that sam star brand carries.  

Empowerment for woman is one of the key value that sam star shoes brand carries, I encourage woman from all ages to be confident and secure of who they are, and go after their dreams.


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