The design and production process of Sam Star Shoes

The design and production process of Sam Star Shoes

Have you ever wandered how shoes are made? There’s an intricate design process that goes on in the factories before the shoe can resemble anything close to what you see on your feet. We want to take you through the step-by-step (excuse the pun) process about how your Sam Star Shoes are tailor made to perfection.

The life cycle of a Sam Star Shoe heel begins firstly by choosing the exact heel type that will be best for your design. The factory has thousands to choose from in all kinds of shapes, thickness sizes and varying heights.

The next step in the process is to choose the kind of leather you would like the heel to be made out of. The colour and fabric swatch choices are endless.

Next you can choose accessories to go on the heel, like buttons or a buckle for instance.

Then its time to cut the shoe pattern out of the leather.

Thereafter the pattern gets sewn together and placed onto a mould called a ‘last.’ The last allows for the shoe to take shape.

The finished result:

The best craftsmen at our factory make the Sam Star Shoes with care. The shoe process is not simple and involves the premium quality leather fabrics. After all is said and done the price offering of a Sam Star Shoe is actually a bargain. We aim to design and deliver the best quality, limited edition shoes to you.

 Sam Star Shoes is a local designer that is based in Johannesburg, South Africa and we offer a door-to-door delivery service for all our South African customers.

Text by Ranaa Patel

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