Frida Hartley Women's Shelter

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Since it is the season of giving and Sam Star Shoes has had a successful 2017,we wanted to give back to the community. After doing some research, Sam Star Shoes came across a women's charity organisation,called Frida Hartley Shelter, that resonated with the Sam Star Shoes brand.

The Frida Hartley Shelter aims to not only shelter women and their children in need but it aims to empower them. Homeless women with/without children are welcome to find shelter at the Frida Hartley home where they will be cared for, fed and can find much needed rehabilitation. The women are usually housed for 3 - 6 months so that they can get back on their feet for themselves and their families. The shelter allows the women to stay there free off charge, while they find jobs and start saving to begin their lives again. 

The shelter takes donations from the public for food and clothes and also urges people to employ their ladies as receptionists, domestic workers or restaurant staff. Sam Star Shoes is proud to get onboard with donating to the Frida Hartley Shelter to give these women in need great quality leather shoes that they could potentially wear to job interviews and to work.

Sam of Sam Star Shoes is a firm believer that a good pair of shoes can help you feel that extra confidence you need to achieve success. Sam Star Shoes would like to wish all the ladies and their children at Frida Hartley all the best for 2018 and beyond. The ladies at the shelter as well as their kids were full of optimism and smiles. We, at Sam Star Shoes hope their attitude never changes and that their futures remain as bright as their smiles.

Sam Lin and some of the ladies currently residing in the shelter (left) and Zola one of the houser mothers (right.)

The children of the mother's residing in the shelter.

A quote painted on the wall of the shelter

The Frida Hartley shelter is an extremely well organised organisation run by a very loving group of ladies, it softens our heart to see women empowering women to be great. We urge all our customers to look them up and donate where you can. Visit their website here 

Sam Lin and Zola.

Article written by Ranaa Patel.

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